#BlogLyfe: Some Fat Bloggers We Love and Look Up To

There’s nothing Fat Girl Food Squad loves more than a fierce babe. Especially one who is loud about Living Large. This week for Lookin’ Good Girl we wanted to bring to your attention some of the fine females who have, possibly unknowingly and even unwittingly, helped us along the way. It started in the quiet corners of places like DiaryLand and LiveJournal but now our heros and de facto leaders are out. Never SIF’s (Secret Internet Fatties), always wise, and always amped to write about what’s good, and juicy. I’ve gotten a few emails over the years from people asking that First Day of Grade One question: “Will you be my friend?” Theses individuals are some I strongly want to send such an email to one day. I guess this post is an open letter then…

Erin of Zero Style


I first found Erin as Zero Girl on Tumblr and quickly found myself either heart-ing or reblogging 99% of the items Erin was reblogging. Then I took a minute (or a few hours) to dig deeper into the original content showing up their. Found my way to Erin’s proper bloging efforts at Zero Style and was in love. Sworn hater of the term “flattering” and perpetually over-dressed, this women is holding it down in Cleveland. Working as a Brand Manager and PR Whip for Re/Dress, a fat shopper’s wet-dream destination for vintage finds in the Plus Sizes, Erin has what looks to us like a dreamy job.

Rachele of the Near Sighted Owl 


Ready to take a master class in how to be a Fat Bitch? Rachele knows a thing or two about it and she’s putting it up online for all of you, so you better start taking notes. Rachele does all sorts of awesome-beyond-words things like this. Take the Fat Babe Project. Our own Hamilton Squad Leader, Carly has a baller illustration done by Rachele in the Fat Babe Project! She’s on the top of the page, guys! Lest we forget about the Chub Rub Book Club.

Jessica of Tangled Up In Lace & Heavy Petting


This is a majestic person. Truly. Okay, I know it’s her wife who is named Majestic, but they both are, okay?  Together they are Majesstica, and way way way  beyond having the most fat, femme and fun looking wedding I have ever seen, they are good people to seek answers from. That’s what Heavy Petting is all about. Answers to your questions about all things sex, love and relationships. Jessica is in the process of emigrating to Canada and we’ll be a better country for having her.

Amarina of Ursa Major


There’s something so heavenly and bewitching about Amarina.  The local girl of our list, she’s a plus-size fashion & jewelry designer here in Toronto. About ten years ago, Amarina took up an apprenticeship with a jewelry designer and came out with a line of plus-sized embellishments. Today there’s Usra Major +, wicked cool fashions for fat babes. Maybe it’s that our style is so matched and she’s forever en pointe, but she can do no wrong my eyes. Though I came across Ursa Major and Amarina very recently sometimes (trying very hard not to be hyperbolic) it’s like having found a shooting star.

We’re curious; Who do you look to online? Who inspires you and builds you up (if they know it or not)?

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  1. Wow! Thanks! So lovely of you! Must check out some of the blogs you mentioned I don’t know about.

  2. Zero Style says:

    yayy this is great! i love all of these babes so much!

  3. Guen Page says:

    What an awesome post! I have to Add Bevin from QueerFatFemme as another awesome Fat woman who inspires me. Here is the link to her website give her a read I think she is amazing.
    I have recently discovered the joys of reading Nearsighted Owl and now I have some other fab women to check out thanks to you.

  4. Ursa Major says:

    Such an honour to be featured among these incredible women. Thank you so much! xo

  5. Now and forever, Lesley Kinzel is kinda my role model. She’s a well-known fatty, so hardly an obscure entry here, but man, I first encountered her when I was twenty or twenty-one, and the near-decade since would have been really different (read: much worse) if she hadn’t shown me a new way to think about myself and my body and the world. I’m a little bit of a creepy stalker about how great she is, maybe?

    • yuli scheidt says:

      Not at all! (Unless there’s actual stalking.) These women choose to share their lives for a lot of reasons, but they share them, so I know their happy that they make an impression on people like Lesley has on you. So, so happy you found that thing that made your life better! We hope to have you has a regular FGFS reader!

  6. foxyfatfemme says:

    Fat Heffalump is also one of the fiercest, most inspirational fat bloggers out there.

  7. foxyfatfemme says:

    Fat Heffalump is also one of the fiercest & most inspirational fat bloggers. She’s an Australian fat activist with a take-no-bullshit attitude.

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