Lookin’ Good Girl: Volupties Lingerie

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Guest Post

A warm welcome to Joanna Carson, our new contributor! Joanna recently moved from Halifax to Toronto and plans to write more badass pieces on body positivity very soon. In the meantime, she’ll be enjoying dim sum, cake decorating, fatshion blogs, playing drums, writing poetry and cuddling her cat against his will. I am so sick of beige. My whole lingerie past has been just that: beige, beige, beige. I never really understood why my skinny friends loved underwear shopping so…

#WomenCrushWednesday – Kelly Augustine

10 Oct, 2014  |  by Amarina Norris

There are just some people who effortlessly exude confidence and joy. Blogger and style expert Kelly Augustine is exactly that, blazing a fatshionable trail through the streets of New York City with a smile. I follow her on all the social media I’ve got, but taking a deeper look through her site prior to writing this I was shocked by how many things Kelly as on the go. Between her site, modelling, events AND pursuing a B.A. in Advertising &…


Nostalgia Tripping: Love Food Fest in Support of Action Against Hunger Canada

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Yuli Scheidt

I don’t know that I had a favourite food growing up. I remember snippets of conversation and flavours. I remember my mom scolding my grandmother for letting me eat the better part of a dessert that had a lot of Nilla wafers soaked in a lot of rum. I know that the password to my tree house was Jicama and that I am often told at the age of three I said I wanted to change my name to Broccoli…


Vegan Home Cooking: Cashew Cream Tart Edition

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Gillian Kreft

  One of our favourite bakeries in town serves these mini fruit tarts that are filled with delicious cashew cream and topped with seasonal fruit. I’ve been dying to recreate them but I wanted to make a larger version to share with friends. So after our late summer trip to the farmer’s market left us with a bag of local peaches and a free afternoon, out came some soaked cashews and a tart pan.   Disclaimer: While I measured most…

National Cawfee Day #FGFScoffee

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Siobhan Ozege
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If you’ve ever spent some time with a member of the Fat Girl Food Squad, you know we have a weakness for coffee in almost any form it takes. Whether it’s a coffee-brined pulled pork, a daily cortado, or sipping on some cold brew, we tend towards being coffee lovers. In honour of National Coffee Day, we wanted to round up a few of our favourites from all over to share with you! Having your own special cuppa? Tag your photos…


Boozy Little Black Book: Pumpkin Shandy

9 Sep, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin

Contributor Vanessa Kunderman is back with her weekly tips on making your own alcoholic bevvies. In her third piece she’ll teach you how to make a seasonal drink that’ll keep you warm all fall long.  I’m one of the many people who fall victim to needing everything to be pumpkin flavoured as soon as fall begins. To celebrate the first week of autumn I poured myself a pumpkin shandy… and lit pumpkin spice candles, made pumpkin soup and wore a pumpkin-hued scarf…


And We Tilt: Three FGFS Tee Designs For Sale!

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Yuli Scheidt
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.05.22 AM (1)

We have something to tell you that we’re really excited about. Since FGFS started we’ve talked about getting merch made. Maybe some coffee mugs with our logo (which we lovingly called the Food Baby) on them. Or maybe some totes? you asked for it; we dreamed about it. We also thought about all the talented friends we have and started asking if they’d like to design some art for us. For this special pre-sale we commissioned three t-shirt designs by local Toronto…


Real Talk: My Life as a Factress

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Guest Post
by Kathryn Brooks.

Katie Woodzick is a writer, actress, director, feminist and External Relations Manager for Hedgebrook. She considers herself a smattering of Rogue from X-Men, Mae West and Tina Fey, among others. She holds a strong belief that leopard print is a neutral. You can reach out to her on Twitter: @TheWoodzick     I am a factress. This is the new name I claim for myself as a fat actress. Instead of plus-sized, curvy, voluptuous, or even zaftig: I am a…


#WomenCrushWednesday – Kate Bush

9 Sep, 2014  |  by Amarina Norris
Kate Bush

Straight up, Kate Bush could be my #WomanCrushWednesday every week.  In the past few days however, more than one person has given me a blank look when I’ve brought her up and it stresses me out a bit, so here’s five minutes of pure female awesomeness for newbies and old fans. Happy Wednesday!


House of TARG – Pinball & Perogies in Ottawa

9 Sep, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin
Kimberley-House of TARG-cocktail

So who or what is TARG, and why are we going to their house? TARG is a video game from 1980. We are going to the House of TARG because it is the newest and best (and only) live music venue/classic arcade/perogie joint to hit the Quiet City. The Glebe and Old Ottawa South are not exactly known for their bumpin’ night spots, and with punk shows, snacks and a monthly zine (complete with colouring page), House of TARG makes…