We’re Taking A Holiday Hiatus!

12 Dec, 2014  |  by FGFSadmin
[Toronto] Yuli -HolidayHiatus

  We’ve been busy in 2014. We’ve welcomed some new bylines and friends, explored most of Southern Ontario and Michigan, put on an art show that got a lot of attention, hosted two plus-size pop-ups, run a successful Tilt campaign to get the first run of FGFS merch out into the world and been eating and drinking our way through life in the in-between time. As happy as all this makes us, truly enriching our personal and professional lives, we’re coming…


The Brain Welcomes Tawse Winery Estates to the Menu

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Carly Mcleod
FGFS-The Brain-Tawse-yum

The Brain is one of our favourite places in Hamilton. It’s at the top of our list for best drinks in the city. Located on James St. North, The Brain has been a staple for many as inviting place to meet with friends, a place to enjoy some good conversation, and take in the eclectic atmosphere. Cool vibes, great staff, and awesome sandwiches and pies (Hello, chicken pot pie!) – you can’t really beat it. We gathered on a chilly…


The Homebody’s Guide to Fitness

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Liz Jukovsky

Going to the gym can be nerve-racking, regardless of your body type or fitness level. If you’ve ever talked to a crossfit person, you know how dogmatic and cliquey people can be about their workout routines. Our all-or-nothing, “body-hacking” culture can make the gym an intimidating place for people who aren’t interested in getting ripped, make gains, or starting their own “fitspiration” instagram account. Maybe your idea of exercise isn’t slipping mid-Asana on your own sweat and tears in front…


#WomenCrushWednesday – Fat Girl Food Squad

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Amarina Norris

Here we go, it’s the last #WomanCrushWednesday post of the year (we’ll be taking a short holiday — the blog’s first in 2 years!). I initially thought I’d do a roundup of some of the dope babes I’ve featured since I started the column in April, but guess what? That’s actually an impossible feat due to overwhelming greatness. What I really want to do is show some love to all of the incredible Fat Girl Food Squad humans, who are…

New York City

Lookin’ Good Girl – Smart Glamour clothing line

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Amanda Spinosa
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I’ve always had a bone to pick with various clothing stores and fashion lines: why don’t they have plus size? I constantly find cute clothes online only to find that the biggest size they make is a 10 and my dreams are crushed. Over and over. Many people and companies alike don’t understand that the fashion industry mostly inhibits fat girls from dressing fashionably. And we’ve had enough of it! I joined the fat girl club at the end of…

Wanderlust: Geo explores Norway and Sweden

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Geo Peck

“You always take vacations to the most random places, Geo,” a friend said to me upon my return back to Toronto after my most recent Scandinavian adventure. Maybe that’s true, but I really just can’t help it. There is something that draws me to that part of the world, and I have been going there on almost annual trips since my first trip to Iceland when I was 18. It may be the relaxed atmosphere, organized cities, or gorgeous nature,…


Family Food Memories

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Guest Post
curryvegiedip 039a

This post comes to us from Jenny Roger, the mom of a fan. We’re always astonished when people get in touch to get involved and we really loved Jenny’s take on family holiday foods.  This past year I have been able to meet, talk to, and hear presentations by some of North America’s top celebrity chefs such as Michael Smith, Vikram Vij, Chuck Hughes, Rob Gentile, Mario Batali, and Giada de Laurentiis. These chefs are responsible for and have access…

Is it pizza or pasta, it’s Pastizza!

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Ama Scriver

As you may or may not have noticed, the St Lawrence Market has been getting a bit of revamp.  Across the street, they have been creating what they have nicknamed, “Restaurant Row” on Market Street where several different types of restaurants (ranging from Spanish tapas to Indian to seafood) have taken up shop.  But at the end of Market Street, kitty corner toThe Esplanade lies a new Italian eatery serving up homemade pasta, pizza, and and house made Italian sodas in…


A Dessert Pop-Up Bar with Cora James

12 Dec, 2014  |  by Geo Peck

Last week pastry chef Cora James and her mixologist friend JR Graham gifted the people of Toronto with the perfect start to the holidays, or as I call it – dessert month. We all know that’s really the most important part. Stationed up at the Bell Jar in Toronto’s west end, the pair served up a killer one-off prix fixe menu of nothing but Cora’s imaginative desserts and JR’s delicious cocktails. The Bell Jar provided us with a welcoming, cozy…


Bûches de Noël at Nadège Patisserie

12 Dec, 2014  |  by rochellelatinsky
Bûches De Noël

It’s almost embarrassing to admit that I’ve never had a chance to experience the wonder that is Nadège until recently. Having a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the genius that is Chef Nadége Nourian, I came prepared with the knowledge that I was going to be experiencing magic. Tucked away atop Nadège’s charming Queen West storefront is a working kitchen that has evolved into an event space. This tiny oasis was the perfect backdrop for an afternoon tasting of…