Cooking at Home with Chef’s Plate

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Vanessa Vaillant

The idea behind Chef’s Plate is smart.  They send a box right to your door filled with exactly what you need to cook a full meal with the recipe included.  Each week they offer six different meal options through their website which you can order as a two or four person plan.  The subscriptions are flexible and you can cancel at any time, so there isn’t the same commitment as something like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box.  They also…


Boozin’ on the Beach: Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Carolyn Turgeon

There are few things I enjoy more than spending summer on a beach, so trying food and drink on a beach at sunset was a whole new level of awesome. The Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival had over 50 vendors take over Sugar Beach for three days, serving up signature cocktails and samples of wine, spirits and craft beer. In between filling their sample cups, attendees took in live music on the stage in front of the water or attended…

#WomanCrushWednesday – Jess Dobkin

7 Jul, 2015  |  by Amarina Norris
Jess Dobkin

It being Canada Day and all, I want to give a shout out to a Canadian babe. Toronto-based performance artist Jess Dobkin has put some incredible work out into the world. Often incorporating her body in her art, pieces like The Lactation Station have received a lot of media attention. For that performance, people were welcomed to taste a selection of pasteurized breast milk from six new mothers, including Jess herself. Other pieces she’s done include Bleeding at the Ball,…


Favourite Eats & Sights of The Stop Night Market

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Yuli Scheidt
The Stop Night Market 2015 - Feature

If you missed my love letter to the Stop and it’s Night Market head over here to get an eye-full of the good work they do. Eating at the Stop’s Night Market does more than satisfy all your cravings in one (or two) nights, it supports a dozen programs in our communities here in Toronto. Check out what we found to love in this year’s event There’s more room to love The Stop Night Market their year, as it’s changed…


Vegan Home Cookin’ with Gillian: Banana Carmel Cream Pie

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Gillian Kreft
Vegan Banana Carmel Cream Pie 1

It has been in the nineties for most of the last two weeks here in Denver, so cooking has been kept to a minimal. I set out to create a pie that requires minimal time in the oven (or none – if you decide to use a pre-made crust!) and very little ingredients. I have been dreaming of making something between a bananas foster and a banana cream pie and I’ve done it, and I’m in heaven. Ingredients: Banana “Cream”…


Cottage Dreaming with Desmond and Beatrice and Giftagram

6 Jun, 2015  |  by rochellelatinsky

If you’re like me you live for long weekends in the summer. Often times, I will use up what little vacation days I have left at work to stretch out those lovely long weekends.  Unfortunately, Canada Day falls smack dab in the middle of a work week this time and it’s hard for me to escape to the campfire of my dreams. Even though my cottage weekend dreams have been quashed by calendar woes, I can still reminisce and enjoy…


Lookin’ Good Girl: #BigBoobProblems

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Danielle Morgan

  Sausage boob. Pancake boobs. Back fat. Back PAIN. Double boobs. Quadra boobs. Saggy boobs, boobs up to your chin… The list of boob problems and impending bra disasters seems endless – and for fat ladies of all shapes and sizes the odds are ever more not in our favour. What you’ll be pleased to know is there’s two pretty simple reasons and solutions for our suffering. First, we’re idiots. It’s our own fault. We accept the misinformation out there…

#WomanCrushWednesday – Sheer Mag’s Christina Halladay

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Vanessa Vaillant
SheerMag@JewelsCatchOne_3_27 - 03

Sheer Mag is a bad ass power pop punk band from Philly.  Their sound is fresh and new; with Lynard Skynard riffs mixed with attitude of punk.   As soon as I heard them, I was hooked.  Just as many others do, when I get hooked, I have to learn everything I can about a band.  There I saw her, Christina Halladay.  SHE’S SO COOL!  A fat babe fronting a punk band? YES. I already knew her vocals were bold and brash…

Standing proud with Etsy Canada at Toronto Pride!

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

We have been keeping this one a secret now for awhile but it’s time to make the official announcement: this weekend your gals from Fat Girl Food Squad will be walking alongside Etsy Canada in the 2015 Pride Parade! To mark it’s 10 year anniversary working with some of Canada’s best makers and independent artists, Etsy Canada is curating their own cross-Canada summer festival circuit which kicks off at Pride Toronto on Sunday June 28, 2015. The Etsy Canada team, alongside…

Donate money to foster care with Wendy’s!

6 Jun, 2015  |  by Ama Scriver

  It’s time to treat yo’self this weekend. With the weather being all hot and sticky, get yourself down to Wendy’s this Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st to celebrate Father’s Day Frosty Weekend! Now we all know that Frosty’s are one of the best treats around but did you know that just this weekend, when you buy one $1 from the sale of each Frosty at participating Wendy’s restaurants will be donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption…